Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Greater Lowell Normandy Honor Roll

On June 6th the United States participated in the Allied invasion of Europe at Normandy Beach. Much preperations were made and Greater Lowell was very involved. Some of our local men went early making preperations by bombing positions in France. Some came on parachutes and many more came by the beach. Others died in further operations in France.

The Normandy Cemetery in Colleville-Sur-Mur, is a beautiful peaceful place today. It is the first American cemetery on European soil in World War II. It is 172.5 acres and contains 9,386 graves and 1,557 names of the missing. Resting there are many greater Lowell heros. We honor them and remember them today.

This link will take you to a virtual cemetery on Find A Grave that lists all the greater Lowell men buried at the Normandy Cemetery or listed on the walls of the missing.

Greater Lowell - Normandy Roll of Honor: a Virtual Cemetery - Find a Grave

We remember their heroism and their sacrafice.

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