Friday, November 30, 2018

Remembering Armand V. Alix

Armand V. Alix's name is on the Doughboy statue in the Acre. This is his story:

Armand was born in July 1898 to Mr. and Mrs. Louis (Lottie) Alix in Lowell. He enlisted in Battery F, 102nd Field Artillery of the American Expeditionary Forces at the age of 19. He sailed for France on the SS Finland September 18, 1917.

He was severely wounded in the trenches at Chateau Thierry on July 27, 1918. He left France classified as "Surgical walking requiring no dressing Base Hospital No. 6" on November 26, 1918 and arrived in New Jersey December 11, 1918. He returned to Lowell where he lived with his mother and sister. He was unable to work. He died as the result of his war injuries on November 8, 1921 at the age of 23.

During the last year of his life he did marry Florence Sabourin. She never remarried and lived to the age of 99. They are buried together at St. Patrick's Cemetery in Lowell. A square in his memory is at the intersection of Salem and Adams Street.


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