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Lowell's Own - Company M - July 1918

Company M was comprised of Lowell boys who were part of the old 9th of Massachusetts who were  sent down to deal with the Mexican trouble at the border in 1916.   When they returned to Framingham they became part of the famous Yankee Division 101st infantry.  After guarding bridges in Lowell and Newburyport they sailed to France on September 6th, 1917.

 In July of 1918 they were assigned to Hill 204 near Chateau-Thierry and the Somme River in Vaux, France.  They were lead by Liet William F. Fitzgerald as their commanding officer.  It was the last major offensive by the German army.  The Lowell boys won.  They were outnumbered but held their own.  Here is an account of the battle:

"Vaux was a peaceful appearing little village near the Somme river and through which ran the road to Paris. The platoons of Company M were scattered about the town—you don't keep close formation in warfare—when the German attack which ultimately ended in an American counter-attack started.  When the attack began, the doughboys signaled the artillery frantically for a barrage.  The barrage came, but behind the Americans, and in their midst.  The range was off and could not be corrected by telegraph—that having gone out of commission —until a runner got word to the C.O. of the battery. Then the German ranks were torn apart."

Killed in action were their commander Liet. William F. Fitzgerald, Corp. Joseph Worthy, Frank McOsker, Philip Chalifoux, and Frank Lyons.  Captured by the Germans were Corp. James McCluskey and Fred Argaves.

Those In the Lines at Vaux
1st Lieut. William F. Fitzgerald (killed) commanding officer.
1st Lieut. Charles Smith, second in command.
2nd Lieut. Roger Bennett
2nd Lieut. Roland Dodge, D. S. 0. (killed In Argonne).
2nd Lieut. Frank Bolan.,
2nd Lieut. James P. Rose
2nd Lieut. Valentine C. Jacob (later captain of company).

Non-commissioned officers, Sergeants: Act. 1st Sergt. John M. Hurley, Leo F. Fox, Charles McDermott, Irving J. Loucraft, Russell B. Smith, Adolphis Desroslers, Robert A. Ginlvan, Warren Rogers, Daniel P. Brennan and John T. McDermott.
Corporals, John F. . Scully, Joseph A, Gregolre, Dewey B, Chagnon, John F. Kerins, Joseph A. Rheault, William Graham, Gilbert  Gendron, George Lowe, James McCluskey , Edward Lemke, Daniel F. Coakley, Edward Flannagan, Edward F. Barton, John F. Kenney, Charles O'Loughlin, Patrick Quinn, John Rogers, Edward F. .Hayes and Joseph Worthy.
Privates: Mechanic James C. O'Loughlin, Cooks George Hanley and Wilmer Craig, .Mechanic Sidney Craig, Andrew F. Finnegan, Walter Small, Martin F. Ready, Daniel T. Powers, George C. Wlllette, Michael J. McDermott, Joseph A. Dalgle, Thomas Cox, William E. Brown, Michael F. Mitchell, Ira E. Osgood, Harold Fulton, Joseph O'Brien, George Kelley, Fred Trudeau, Luther Hilton, Ernest Paquln, Robert Myron, Ralph Whitford, Emil Morel, Joseph McShane, William C. Kirk, John J. Slattery, Gedeon Beland, Edward T. McAleer, Frank Murphy, Evangelos Trascopoulos; Oscar Plaute, William Mulholland, William Savage, William H. Quinn, Patrick Shea, Arthur Monty, Edward Coughlin, Leo Carpenter, Alphonse Lessard, William Callahan, Rosarto L. Bleu, Joseph Lemay, Henry Underwood, George Underwood, George L. Marshall, John Suprey, James Burns, George L. Wayne and Edward McIntyre.

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