Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Babe Ruth WW1 Draft

I wrote a guest post on Dave McKean's Lowell Irish blog today about Babe Ruth's visit to Lowell for the St. Patrick's School Alumni Banquet.  Give it a look at:

Dave does a great job researching and preserving Irish history in Lowell.  When he hooks up with Walter Hickey they are unstoppable.

Although not specifically Lowell related, I thought I'd post Babe Ruth's WW1 Draft Registration.

Courtesy - The National Archives

What is your present occupation? - Baseball
By whom employed? - Boston American
Where employed? - Fenway Park

Courtesy - The National Archives

Babe Ruth did not serve in either World War but he did his part by using his celebrity to raise money for the war effort.  Even in 2012 people are still fascinated by Babe Ruth!

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