Friday, February 4, 2011

The real meaning of Cupples Square

With Cupples Square featured in the movie "The Fighter" I wanted to give the background on Cupples Square.

Lieut. Lorne L. Cupples of Grove Street, was the superintendent of the Whitall Manufacturing Company on Rock Street in Lowell, MA.  He received his commission of Captain at the Plattsburg Officer's Training School.  He sacrificed his rank of Captain and took the rank of  Second Lieutenant so that he could see immediate action.

"The sad news of his passing was received today by Albert L. Paul, manager of the Whitall Mfg. Co. by letter from a former curate of the Grace church, this city. The letter was  as follows:
Nov. 2, 1918
My Dear Mr. Paul:
Passing through 15 evacuation hospital, I met your friend, Lorne Cupples.  He is dying of severe wounds in the stomach. I had a short prayer with him and he asked me to write to you. He said he had been thinking of you and hoping that he would soon be back with you. That was the only time he really wanted.  He has suffered a lot of pain with great patience.  I expect he will die the death of a soldier, like a soldier and that is the greatest thing to do.
Yours very truly ,
M.L. Peabody

Chaplain 102s Field Artillery
Former Curate Grace church.  Lowell, Mass.

To this letter was attached the following:
I went to see another patient,  this  afternoon and found that your friend had died.  I was glad to have had a chance, to have a prayer with him.
Upon receipt of the news of his death it became the sad duty of Mr.  Paul to acquaint Lieut. Cupples' wife with the facts and the information came as a terrible shock, to her. It was also stated today that the Whitall Mfg. in mourning. Ho was a great favorite,  there with superiors and operatives alike, and Mr. Paul says he feels his loss as keenly as though he were his own brother.
Deceased entered the second officers', training camp at Plattsburg Aug. 27, 1917.He  was Commissioned captain Nov. 24, 1917, just one year ago the day before, yesterday. Later he, voluntarily  accepted a commission as second lieutenant  so that he might go overseas at the earliest possible moment.  He was assigned to the ordance department for duty."


  1. Thank you for this article. My name is Jessica Herrick. I just recently learned of "Cupples Square" from a Lowell local. I work for a small affordable housing organization that just purchased the flatiron on Westford Street and we are planning to convert it to affordable housing for boys aging of foster care in Lowell to have a safe and affordable place to live while they are going to school.

    We're looking to name this community, so if you have more information about Lorne Cupples, or the building specifically, it would great if we could get in touch. My email is and our website is

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for finding me. I sent you some info. Let me know if it helps!!